The royal Military Order of Saint-Louis, founded in 1693, was designed to honour military officers who gave outstanding service to France. Being named a Knight of Saint-Louis was the highest honour that could be bestowed on regular army officers stationed in New France. Up to 1760, approximately 145 Canadians were awarded the Cross of Saint-Louis. The decoration consists of an eight-pointed gold cross, covered with white enamel and adorned with a gold fleur-de-lys. It was worn hanging from a small, flame-red ribbon. The official letter confirming bestowal of the award, presented to the recipient, was signed by the King and bore his seal.

The Order of Saint-Louis
Provisions de chevalier de l'ordre militaire de Saint-Louis pour le Sieur de Chailloux [Letter confirming the appointment of Sieur de Chailloux as a Knight in the Military Order of Saint-Louis], March 25, 1730
CA ANC MG6-F80 14 p. 9235