Canada's expenses were paid from two sources. The royal funds allotted to the colonies covered the largest share of the costs. The other source was domestic revenues derived from the royal domain, such as customs duties on imports and exports. Costs were high, because they included upkeep of the forts and other public buildings; salaries of the administrators, officers and soldiers; and contributions to the various religious communities to help maintain the hospitals and educational establishments. In fact, Canada's expenditures were higher than its revenues. This was especially true in the final years of the regime, when military spending was very high.

Canada's Expenditures
État des payemens que le Roy veut et ordonne être faits par Mr Jean Baptiste Jacques Boucher, Trésorier Général des Colonies, pour les Depenses cy aprèes mentionnées, faites et à faire pour le Service de Sa Majesté en Canada pour Lannée 1751 [Statement of the payments that the King wishes and orders to be made by Mr. Jean Baptiste Jacques Boucher, Treasurer of the Colonies, for the Expenses listed below, incurred and to be incurred in the Service of His Majesty in Canada for the Year 1751], June 1751
FR CAOM COL C11A 119 fol. 431-444vo