The French had to adapt to their new surroundings. They soon adopted a number of Aboriginal implements, such as snowshoes for walking in deep snow, the traîne sauvage, or sled, for carrying heavy loads across the snow, and the birchbark canoe, a light, easily handled craft, ideal for travelling the territory's many waterways. The Aboriginal inhabitants retained their expertise in canoe building, while the French gradually became highly skilled at handling these craft.

The Birchbark Canoe
Les sauvages vont s'établir à la Prairie de la Magdeleine avec les François [The savages going to settle in the Prairie of the Magdeleine with the French], from the Narration annuelle de la mission du Sault [Saint-Louis]…, Père Claude Chauchetière, 1667-1686
FR AD33 série H Jésuites fol. 8