Uninterested in the studies his father intended him to pursue, Asseline de Ronval took advantage of his father's death to travel the world. On May 22, 1662, he embarked for New France. The crossing lasted a good month. After three weeks in Québec and the surrounding area, Asseline de Ronval went by small craft to Trois-Rivières and then Montréal. Trying to escape the Canadian winter, which had been described to him as long and harsh, the Norman then decided to return to France. He left in late October and arrived on December 12 of the same year, ready for new adventures.

The Voyage of Asseline de Ronval
Journal en abrégé des voyages de Monsieur Asseline de Ronval, tant par terre que par mer avec plusieurs remarques, circonstances et avantures très curieuses [Abridged diary of the travels of Monsieur Asseline de Ronval, by land and by sea, with various comments, circumstances and most curious adventures], ca. 1695
CA ANC MG18-J2 p.1-36