Because New France remained sparsely populated, it had to rely on external demographic contributions. In addition to the indentured workers, soldiers, officers, nuns, filles du roi and families that accounted for the majority of immigrants, the sons of noble and upper-class families and libertines were exiled there at their families' request. Added to these were convicted petty criminals, poachers and salt smugglers, who might become useful colonists. Several hundred salt smugglers settled in Canada between 1730 and 1749.

The Salt Smugglers
Letter from Jean-Frédéric Phélypeaux, Comte de Maurepas, Secretary of State for the Marine, to Charles de Beauharnois, Governor General, and Gilles Hocquart, Intendant of New France, on the subject of sending salt smugglers and other poachers to the colony, May 1, 1731
FR CAOM COL C11A fol. 71-72